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Whatever your thoughts are on oil buying groups you should check out This is an independent club that has the capacity to join together several villages to form one super-club. More customers mean bigger savings. You can sign up without obligation and check out the prices.

How It Works
The club is not affiliated to any particular oil company. Create an account, link it to Norwell and login to check the next order date. Place an order for the amount you want and wait to see what price is offered. The club collects the data and if necessary joins your group to another neighbouring village before inviting the oil companies to tender. Once the tenders are in and a price is agreed make your payment in order to secure your delivery.
I have set up a new club for Norwell and we are currently linked with Weston, Tuxford, Normanton and Sutton on Trent as a buying group.

Chandlers Terms and Conditions Changed
Until recently I have been ordering through the existing Norwell Oil Group. If you pay a fixed amount by direct debit you can no longer place an order with Chandlers unless you either have a credit balance covering the full amount ordered or you pay the balance of your order. This, it seems to me, negates all the benefit of the direct debit scheme for the customer and the reason why I shopped around. I received the recent email advertising the group price for the October delivery and it was easily matched by the oil club and several oil companies. Leaving me to conclude the Norwell Oil Group exists for the benefit of Chandlers more than for us the customers.

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