What We Do

A Parish Council must hold an AGM in May of each year and at least 3 further meetings throughout the year. The Parish Clerk must publicise these meetings in advance and the public have a right to attend.

Scheduled Parish Council Meetings 2016:

Wednesday 23 March 2016
Wednesday 24 April 2016
Wednesday 25 May 2016
Wednesday 26 June 2016
Thursday 21 July 2016
Wednesday 28 September 2016
October - To be fixed
Wednesday 23 November 2016
all at 1830 hours in Norwell Village Hall. All Parishioners are invited to attend.
The PC will not meet in August or December

The approved minutes from all our meetings are available. Approved minutes are also displayed for approximately one month on the noticeboard outside the shop in Norwell and in the telephone box in Norwell Woodhouse.

Parish Councils have number of formal duties as well as a range of powers to do other things of their choosing.

The duties are mainly procedural and financial, including the right to raise money through the Precept. This forms a very small part of the local council tax and is used to maintain and improve local services and facilities. Parish Councils must provide a set of accounts at the end of each year which have been externally audited.

The range of services provided include maintenance of rights of way,bus shelters and the provision of allotments etc. All these  services  can either be provided by the Parish Council directly or through other agencies such as local volunteer groups or charities.

Parish councillors have the power to improve the the quality of community life by spending money on things which in their opinion are in the interests of the the parish and its inhabitants. It does not though have the power to act as mediator in disputes between inhabitants of the parish.

Parish Councils are the focal point for local consultation on planning applications,district council strategic planning, schools and roads.

On all these issues Councillors represent the parish views to the district and county councils.

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