Norwell Bell Ringers

 Crawford Cup - Saturday 15th March

On Saturday 15th March The Bell Tower of Saint Laurence Church rang to the sound of much superb ringing as teams compete for the Craford Cup. This is an annual competition for the finest team of ringers in the area.

If you would like to try yourself or even just come to a practice night then you would be very welcome.

Contact us by talking to one of the  tower Captains or a Church Warden or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We would be very pleased if you would join us on a practice night when you could help us to continue the centuries old art of Change Ringing.

"But I have never done it before!" 

Total beginners and experienced ringers will be equally welcome.

In reality, ringing is a good but gentle form of exercise in a sociable situation with friends. No previous experience is required. Age is hardly a restriction as in the Newark Area alone there have been ringers from the age of 6 upwards into the 80s and beyond.

The beginner would first be taught how to ring a bell in a relaxed and regular way before being introduced to ringing with the other bells and an experienced ringer would stand alongside her or him until they become confident and competent to stand alone.

You do not need to be musical or mathematical.

 But for those who do need more of a challenge the complexity of ‘serious’ method ringing should keep them happy.

Groups of ringers from other towers are also welcome and should contact the Tower Captain.

So come and help us make “A Joyful Sound”!

We work together with ringers from other towers but in particular St Laurence, Norwell and St Andrew's , Caunton alternate practice nights

Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild

Ringers at each of the churches mentioned are members of the Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild. The following is an extract from its web page:-

Objects of the Guild.

It shall aim to be of service to the Church in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham by:

  • (i)    Ringing for Divine Service
  • (ii)    Recruiting and training ringers
  • (iii)    Encouraging the art of change ringing
  • (iv)    Helping ringers to improve their standard of ringing
  • (v)    Assisting in the care and restoration of bells and their fittings


However In his book Change Ringing, Wilfrid G. Wilson quotes part of a lecture given by the Reverend Robert Waller who it appears would not approve ringing on a Sunday. 


This is the very stern talk he gave to a gathering of clerics in Sutton Bonnington in 1859.

 "Neither should any excuse whatever obtain permission for ringing on Sunday. Many, even clergymen, are not aware of the generic distinction between ringing and chiming . . . I for my part would quite as soon sanction football or cricket, in the churchyard on Sunday, as ringing properly so-called and I would as soon give up the belfry to prize-fighting,on a Sunday, as prize ringing . . . Ringing is an intellectual and scientific enjoyment, as much so as chess or violin playing and in the opinion of some more so when done as it should be; and we know what view we should take of Sunday chess players or Sunday concerts! Let me therefore implore every clergyman, to exercise his authority and put an extinguisher on all Sunday ringing!"

(Rev. Robert Waller at Sutton Bonnington, Notts, 26 June 1859. Brit. Mus. ms.)

Fortunately we have far more positive and supportive church wardens today. For other information about the church, services etc go to the St Laurence Church page.

For any enquiries or suggestions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / The Old Chapel, Norwell 01636 636401 | Website by Screenbeetle