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WWI Project: from names to people

There are fifty five names on the Roll of Honour board in Norwell church. Fifty five men from Norwell served in WWI and of those eleven fell. The aim of the Heritage Group over the next few years is to change those names into people. They all have some connection with Norwell. We are interested in their war service but we are also trying to find out what they were doing before the war, and what those who returned did after the war. All this will be in the context of life in Norwell during those years. It is rather like being a detective following leads, talking to people, searching records, searching the internet. Fifty five people are a lot to do so any help would be much appreciated. Already we know at least one thing about everyone listed. Even if you don’t know anything about the people listed any information about the family would be helpful.

Do you have any pictures, letters, diaries or anything else that would tell us what was going on locally between 1914 and 1918? We already have a recipe book produced in Norwell in 1914 so be prepared for some tastings.

Contact Michael Jones - ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 636365) for more information about how you can help.

Launch of Booklet on Norwell Church and Chapel 

On Saturday 14 December 2014 Norwell Parish Heritage Group launched the 7th in its series of Heritage Booklets – Norwell Church and Chapel. 

How old is Norwell?

This is clearly a question which is going to take some time to answer. At the end of June when the digging of pits was just finishing we were able to see some of the ‘finds’ in the Village Hall. There was pottery from all periods and a selection of other objects. Fifty six pits had been dug around the village giving a total area dug of 7m X 8m (about half a badminton court). Of the pits dug about a third had pottery that was medieval or earlier. The finds are being processed at the moment and we will soon have a better idea of a more precise age of the pottery which can then be related to occupancy in different parts of Norwell. Many thanks to all those who were so welcoming and willingly allowed the students to dig holes in their gardens.  

We are planning to have a pottery identification workshop later in the year so that we can learn to recognise and date pottery when we come across it in our gardens. The intention is to produce an identification guide which will be available for everyone to use.

For details of the Winter Programme go to Forthcoming Event


The sixth Heritage Booklet WILLOUGHBY BY NORWELL: deserted village and and the CD/DVD of the animated walk through Norwell in the 1920s and 1930s continue to be  available. Each household in Norwell has received a free copy of each of the booklets but the CD/DVD has to be bought at a cost of £4.00.

Both the books and the CD are available. Add your name to the list in the Village Shop if you wish to buy additional copies or the CD 

For details see Leaflets and booklets

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