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The (monthly) Parish Magazine and the (annual) Directory are published by the churches of Caunton, Cromwell, Norwell and Ossington. They are free of charge and are delivered to over 640 households in the four parishes.

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 It may be interesting for us to see what the Parish Magazine was like in 1914.

The pictures here show the front and back covers of the magazine for January 1914.

The only information relating to Norwell is on these two pages. the rest is The Church Monthly and it is the same for churches all over the country. 

It contains ‘improving’ articles like ‘The Good Citizen’, ‘Good Service’ and ‘How to increase Church Attendance on Sundays’. Also included are poems, puzzles, recipes, drawings and four pages of a story ‘The wedding of Cecily Westcott’ – it was only when I got to the last page of this gripping story that I noticed ‘to be continued’, so now I shall never know what happened to poor Cecily.

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